Things To Know When Applying For An International Driver’s Permit

If you have moved out of your country of residence and you are now looking to settle in another county for the purpose of work relocation or migration you will need to have a more practical option of transportation. Taxis and rent a car companies are not the most convenient way to get around especially if you do not have the local license to drive. For this reason it is possible for you to apply for an International Driver’s Permit. It is usually described as IDP for short.

When applying for an International Driver’s Permit, your driving license issued by your local government is not in any way revoked. The International Driver’s Permit is actually a standardized version of the details in your government issued license. This will typically include your full name, date of birth and relevant information with regards to the driver.

Many individuals who apply for the International Driver’s Permit follows up with a series of driving lessons in the country which they are looking to drive in. Click here for more information about driving lessons in Sydney.

This is simply because; some countries drive on the opposite side of the road and use the opposite side of the vehicle to steer. This could cause a bit of confusion to a new driver, driving for the first time in a new place but it is nothing a few simple driving lessons from a friend, family or co-worker will not fix.

There are a few regulations which run parallel to this which include rules like; you will need to get your driver’s license issued by your local Department of Motor Vehicle and you will always have to carry both your government issued driving license as well as your International Driver’s Permit when driving outside the country of issue. It is also a rule that your International Driver’s Permit is not valid in its country of issue. Which simply means that you will have to use your local license and provide it when necessary, when driving in the country of issue; your International Driver’s Permit is not valid when you have to possess your government issued driver’s license. Your International Driver’s Permit is also valid only up to one year.

An International Driver’s Permit is necessary if you are looking to rent a car in a foreign country without a local driver. To ensure that that their vehicle which is being given to you is safe they may inquire into your details as well as expect to see your IDP and hold onto a copy of it.

Once you have received your International Driver’s Permit you will be able to travel with ease in a foreign country.